Newsletter #2 (02.07.2020)

Despite the difficult times we’re all living and working in, we see the trend that business is picking-up steadily.
As mentioned in our Newsletter #1, we have used the time to focus on technology, reactivation of content and Data Security. Therefore today’s topic is:

PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification:

We are extremely happy to announce that the Pyton Flight Portal LCC booking engine has been certified to the highest level of Data Security “PCI-DSS Level 1” on 25.06.2020. With this huge technical milestone, the Pyton Flight Portal is the first LCC aggregator having the complete booking engine with all underlying layers being certified at this level of data security. If you want generally to read more about this Data Security Standard, please click this (LINK).

Outlook: Deployment of the new AAA Tool to come soon “The entrance to your Pyton Flight Portal“:

Following the PCI-DSS certification it became a necessity to re-build the AAA-Tool (Pyton Backend). The new AAA-Tool has already been deployed to some pilot customers for intense testing. As soon as this process has been finalized, we will inform you accordingly.

You can expect better access control, sophisticated user hierarchy and a better user experience (UX) by keeping the existing features.

We hope this was interesting for you and is going to add value to your future Low Cost Sales. If there are questions or suggestions, we are more than happy to assist you in any possible way.

Thank you and take good care

Pyton Flight Portal Team