Newsletter #3 (09.09.2020)

To be able to deliver you the best possible content available through your connection to us, we have been working hard to bring back carriers online, establish a more secured infrastructure and also enhance the feature-set of our engine. Therefor we’re happy to communicate the below news to you:

New or re-activated carriers:

New features:

  • Ryanair (FR) – “Spanish Language”:
    It is now possible to deliver the confirmation, the e-ticket and further airline communication in Spanish language.
  • Transavia (HV) – “Seat Reservation”:
    Same as for carriers which we’re already providing this feature for, it is now possible to place seat reservations through the API. Please note that this is currently only possible for bookings with Adults (ADT) and Children (CHD) only. We will let you know as soon as bookings with Infants (INF) in the booking are possible as well.
  • Vueling (VY)  “Cash Payment”:
    A new Form of Payment (FOP) has been introduced for VY. From now on you can also select CASH PAYMENT. This means that bookings made on a pre-configured DEPOSIT Account will be deducted from your deposit.

New Backend Tool – Entrance to your Pyton Flight Portal:

As already announced in our Newsletter #2 we’re happy to let you know that the deployment of the new Backend Tool has begun. Our Customer Care Team will be contacting each Account to start the migration.
Apart from the new Product Name and the obvious benefits to have the website and underlying layers now running under PCI-DSS Level 1 security standards, there is a long list of small features, enhancements etc. which will add more stability, better maintenance and configuration benefits to your day-to-day business.

You can expect better access control, sophisticated user hierarchy and a better user experience (UX) by keeping the existing features.

Announcement to “local CACHE FILE” users only:

As per 28.09.2020 the delivery of text-based files will be stopped and then only sending ZIP files. Within the compressed ZIP file, you will find the TXT file. So, you will still receive the same data, just not twice (TXT & ZIP), but once (just ZIP with TXT in it).
Please adjust your internal processes if necessary. There has been a separate communication on this topic sent by Customer Care.

We hope this was interesting for you and is going to add value to your future Low Cost Sales. If there are questions or suggestions, we are more than happy to assist you in any possible way.

Thank you and take good care

Pyton Flight Portal Team