Pyton Leisure Portal

Pyton Leisure Portal

For you as a travel company the appropriate booking platform to sell holiday trips in your tailor-made way. Sell separate trip components, dynamically packaged trips or tour operator packages via various booking modules. All our solutions can be used to offer travel options through your website, call center and/or travel agency. We offer you a real business partnership where customer satisfaction, quality of service and the generation of bookings are paramount.

Which are the Pyton Leisure Portal booking modules?

Shopping basket

Book separate trip components such as flights, accommodations, transfers, car-rentals and event tickets through a shopping basket system at the press of a single button.

Dynamic packaging

Book pre-composed packages (Virtual Tour Operator packages) based on flights, accommodations, transfers, car-rentals or event tickets, all of which may be dynamically adjusted.

Tour Operator packages

Compare and book Tour Operator packages in one booking module.

Relevant travel offering


regular airlines, low-cost carriers and charters.


Hotels, villas, cottages, apartments and hostels


Bus, taxi and limousine


Standard, comfort and deluxe


Tours, attractions, art&culture and nightlife.

Package tours

Package tours from Tour Operators

Main features


  • Available as white-label version or API
    • The White-label version can be adapted to your own layout and is easily integrated into your website, call center or travel agency module.
    • The API / XML allows you to fully integrate the Pyton Leisure Portal into your own booking engine or you can let Pyton develop a custom solution for you.

  • Dynamically created holiday packages and package tours from Tour Operators can easily be compared in a single booking module

  • Extensive range of travel content for the creation of all kind of holiday and city trip packages

  • Integrated payment portal with different payment options for settlement between customer and agent.

  • Various payment solutions for the payment of suppliers, including the ability to pay with virtual credit cards.

  • Comprehensive sales policy module to determine your own margin, configure discounts and to set up campaigns

  • Marketing support tools to boost sales

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For you as big- or small-size OTA, Travel agent (chain), Wholesaler, Tour Operator, TMC or Technology company Pyton offers you:

  • Choose among three unique holiday booking modules: Shopping basket, Dynamic packages and Tour operator packages
  • Set up a flexible and configurable white-label solution in your corporate look-and-feel
  • Use the extensive xml / API to develop your own custom booking engine
  • Choose from a wide range of relevant and standardized travel content
  • Enrich your offerings with your own or external content
  • Use the Pyton Leisure Portal solution to act as a Virtual Tour Operator
  • Determine your earnings

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