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Vilvoorde, Belgium, 22 September 2016 – With its surprise trips, srprs.me is launching a completely new concept onto the market. The tour operator is extremely popular in the Netherlands, and is also rapidly becoming well known in Belgium, but was looking for new ways to continue to meet the rising demand. srprs.me has been able to implement a customised solution working together with technology partners Amadeus and Pyton. The automated and newly created advanced cache of airline products represents huge gains in efficiency for srprs.me.

Technology partners Amadeus and Pyton have developed a customised solution for srprs.me, a Dutch tour operator specialising in surprise trips. The innovative concept of surprise travel is currently enjoying a rapid upward trend. The solution provided by Amadeus and Pyton supports this growth through the automation of administrative tasks and the provision of absolute added value for a tour operator catering for spontaneity. For example, sprs.me is now able to put together packages even more efficiently, with the correct availability and prices of both the regular and low cost airlines.

srprs.me: spontaneity, excitement and adventure

What could a traveller expect from a surprise trip? That’s hard to say, because surprise is precisely what this innovative concept is all about. Travellers make a reservationd and pick a topic: City Tripping, Broke, Multi City, Sunsation, Adventure, Solo Together, Honeymoon or Road Tripping. They only find out what their destination is once they arrive in the departure hall of the airport. Next is an amazing experience packed with excitement. Tim Beglinger, co-founder of srprs.me: “With srprs.me, we want to bring back the spontaneity of travel. Our customers are looking for a unique experience, an unforgettable adventure, and we are happy to give them exactly that, because, for us, the travellers take central stage, and we spare no effort to make them happy.”

A unique solution for a unique concept

Thanks to the tailor-made solution by Amadeus and Pyton, srprs.me now has a much larger and more up-to-date offer of scheduled flights and low cost airlines for their surprise trips. For example, the tour operator now has a considerably larger range of departure days, times, and fares. The new cache also makes it easier for srprs.me to keep an eye on the money by keeping track of any additional costs for payments with a credit card.

Luc Pannecoeck, General Manager of Amadeus Benelux: “We are following the innovative approach and growth of srprs.me with a lot of admiration. As technology specialists, we are quite happy to think along with them in terms of the optimisation of sales and operational processes. A generic approach is not suitable for an innovative player like srprs.me. Therefore, we absolutely opted for providing a tailor-made solution for the unique concept they’ve put on the market.”

Tim Beglinger, co-founder of srprs.me: “Thanks to the solutions from Amadeus and Pyton, we’ve been able to automate a large part of the administrative operations. This saves us a lot of time, which we can use now to make our travellers happy.”

Also introducing spontaneity in Belgium

“srprs.me is preparing for further growth. In just two years, we booked more than 30,000 travellers on surprise trips. That’s good news for the return of spontaneity in travel.” The concept was launched in the Netherlands, but meanwhile, srprs.me is also addressing the Belgian market, where the concept has also received quite a lot of enthousiastic attention.