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6 april 2016 – NextPax signed a partnership with Pyton, developer of custom-made software for the travel and leisure industry. The partnership will leverage the strengths between both companies and boost their customers’ range of choice with over 300,000 properties.

NextPax founder Erik Engel: ‘NextPax and Pyton are a natural fit. Where NextPax delivers seamless real-time connectivity between channel partners and property managers together with all tools needed to manage properties, reservations and channels for both sides of the supply chain, Pyton develops tailor-made Internet Booking Engine (IBE)- and API solutions to online travel agents (OTAs), tour operators and travel product suppliers. They start where we leave off, designing their clients’ software to tie in with our system.’

Account manager Pyton Netherlands Silvia Vereijken: ‘With this deal, Pyton customers such as TravelClub, all Veluwegroep members, VakantieXperts, Prijsvrij and TUI Travel Agencies will (among others) also get access to over 300,000 leisure properties, such as rental homes and 300 holiday parks, currently managed through NextPax’ rental platform’.