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Eindhoven, the Netherlands, October 2016 – The modern travel consumer is his own product manager: with all the content that is available online nowadays, it is easy to create your own perfect holiday. The customer is looking for flexibility and customization, he no longer wants to be tied to the pre-set holiday packages with a set departure day and duration. On top of that, 75% of the leisure travelers orient online on a holiday. No less than 60% of the bookings are made online, of which 22% on a mobile device. The traveler is not only a (potential) customer of travel companies, but also a competitor: he takes over the job of tour operators and (online) travel agent by purchasing directly at suppliers of hotels and flights, or at special-deal-websites and holiday auction websites.

Travel agents

Pyton offers Belgian travel agents solutions that help them respond to this changing consumer. With Dynamic Packaging and Shopping Basket, the travel agent is able to create Dynamic (flexible) packages or to compose a customized holiday by combining components of various suppliers. This packaged trip is offered in the  travel agency or on their website, next to existing tour operator packages. This means the consumer no longer has to make several bookings at different suppliers to create his perfect holiday: the travel agent is offering exactly the flexibility that the consumer is looking for. On top of that, it is easy to increase earnings because as a travel agent, you can determine your own margins.

Tour operators

Pyton’s products also ensure that the traditional tour operator can take its changes in the changing market. By composing Dynamic packages, they respond to the demand for flexibility: they can combine their own travel components such as accommodations with, for example, scheduled flights or Low Cost Carriers (LCCs). This means the consumer is no longer dependent on the set departure days of charter flights, of which the departure time is often known only days before departure. This also means that the duration of the holiday is flexible, because there are considerably more departure days, times, and airports available because of the many connected airlines. The Dynamic packages can be offered next to the existing packages, online or to third parties.

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